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Use Filament Nityam LED bulbs lighting for every occasion
Why choose the LED filament bulb?
Filament LED bulbs are the LED bulbs that come closest to our traditional incandescent bulbs in order to rediscover the retro and vintage atmosphere of yesteryear! The filaments of these LED bulbs are composed of LED diodes that have been elongated to form linear or curved filaments. Their design and decorative aspect allows you to include these LED bulbs in your interior without hiding them in light fixtures, they give a completely unique character to the room in which they are placed. We invite you to discover the range that we have put together, offering you various bases and shapes to meet all your decorative requirements!
Decorative filament LED bulb
Filament LED bulbs look like traditional glass bulbs. The yellow band that provides the light was created to resemble the filament of an incandescent bulb. Perfect association between lighting, ecology and design.
Nityam LED Design
Our designers’ design for our collections of Nityam filament LED bulbs offers exceptional lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, and proves to be ideal for decorative light fixtures, bedside lamps and recessed lighting fixtures. Fiament LED bulbs emit instant warm white light. This contributes to creating an unprecedented quality of lighting, creating a pleasant, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Available in multiple choices of shapes and sizes, you will be sure to find the bulb that meets your needs.
LED lighting, an institution!
The core business at Nityam is LED lighting, whether it is professional lighting or “general public” lighting. You can preview Nityam’s innovations in LED bulbs, LED filament bulbs, LED strips, LED projectors, LED tiles and waterproof LED lighting. To do this, go to the Nityam e-store: to discover the Nityam LED universe.
How to choose an LED bulb?
The choice of an LED bulb can be made according to several criteria. These criteria depend on your needs but mainly on your desires. The most classic LED bulb, the one you find in a floor lamp, in a bedside lamp or in a chandelier, will be in the form of a standard globe LED bulb, a spherical LED bulb or a LED flame bulb. The appropriate base will be either an E27 base called “big screw” or an E14 base.
As you can see, depending on each situation, an LED bulb will meet your needs and desires. Ask our specialists, by contacting us by email, to find the LED bulb that will illuminate your home.
Nityam Manufacturer’s Warranty
Our desire is to offer incredible lighting for everyone. To do this, we offer you exceptional LED bulbs and we offer you a free 2-year warranty for all LED bulbs purchased. You will be asked for proof of purchase when you request a replacement.

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